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We are a full-service machine and job shop. We service Kansas City MO and nearby areas, and specialize in Gearbox Repair, Pump Repair, Gear Repair, and Screw and Barrel Repair, among other services. We have been rebuilding industrial equipment for over 40 years. When it comes to industrial gear repair & gearbox repair we are second to none! Our reputation has been built on our high-quality Gear, Gearbox, Pump, Screw & Barrel repair.


We are a 24-hour emergency service repair shop. We understand how critical downtime can be which is why our expert technicians will work around the clock to ensure we get your unit back to you in the time frame you need it. When it comes to quick gearbox repair we are second to none!

Industrial Gearbox Repair
Industrial Gearbox Repair

Our Process


Upon the arrival of your unit at our facility, PGR will perform a complete teardown and inspection. We will run an analysis on each internal & external part of your unit which will help us determine the main cause of component failure.

We will provide you with a complete work scope & diagnosis. Then a complete gear replacement will be made with matching gear ratios along with all barrings, seals, shims, and gaskets.

After the Gearbox has been completely rebuilt/repaired the unit will then undergo a 12-hour test run to ensure you get your unit back in tip-top shape, before it’s returned to your location in Kansas City MO (or a nearby area). All work comes with a 36-month unconditional operational warranty.

Free Pickup and Delivery


We take care of all freight charges inbound & outbound. Across the U.S & CANADA.

Our Warranty

We warranty all of our work with a virtue of warranty’s consisting of 24-36-48 depending on unit Our warranty is an operational unconditional warranty, meaning warranty does not take affect until application is put in to use.
Industrial Gearbox
Industrial Gearbox
Industrial Gearbox Being Worked On By Precision Gear Repair Team
Industrial Gearbox Being Worked On By Precision Gear Repair Team



How Fast Can You Repair My Gearbox or Pump?

Precision Gear Repair has the ability to turn your gearbox or pump in as little as twenty-four hours. The standard gearbox or pump repair or rebuild usually takes around 7-10 business days. 

What are Your Pickup and Delivery Services?

Precision Gear Repair offers free pick up and delivery of your gearbox or pump across the continental USA. We have multiple locations which allow us to pick up and deliver your equipment in a timely manner. 

Can a Customer Visit Your Facilities?

Our doors are always open to our customers. If you want to stop by to get a tour of our facilities, simply contact us and we will schedule one.

Do You Charge for Gearbox Inspections?

Precision Gear Repair offers free inspections of gearboxes and pumps. We provide you with a detailed diagnostic report so you have a clear understanding of the issue. We also provide our recommendations and steps to take to properly conduct the rebuild. 

Do You Use OEM Parts?

Precision Gear Repair takes pride in every gearbox and pumps rebuild. We only use factory OEM parts. If the part is obsolete, we have the ability to reverse engineer the part to OEM standards.   

Does Precision Gear Repair Offer Maintenance?

Precision Gear Repair  offers scheduled maintanence on Gearboxes and Pumps to keep them in optimal operating conditions. Contact us and we can help you develop a maintenance plan to keep your operation running non-stop.

Does Your Work Come With Warranty?

Precision Gear Repair offers a 36-month warranty on all gearbox and pumps rebuilds including parts and labor.

What if The Gearbox or Pump Cannot be Repaired?

Precision Gear Repair firmly believes that no gearbox or gear is beyond repair. Sometimes the OEM will encourage companies and individuals to replace their equipment rather than rebuild it. Give us a call as soon as possible before you make a decision. We can get your gearbox back to OEM specs, even if parts are obsolete, at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.  

Gearbox opened up for service
Gearbox opened up for service
Industrial gearbox opened up for service
Industrial gearbox opened up for service
Industrial gearbox opened up for service and being reviewed by Precision Gear Repair
Industrial gearbox opened up for service and being reviewed by Precision Gear Repair

Customer Testimonials


Amazing staff and professionalism at it best, i highly recommend PGR.

Felipe Ramone Avatar Felipe Ramone

PGR is definitely without a doubt the best gearbox repair company in the U.S, We have been useing them for quite sometime now they do all of our major gearbox rebuilds. I recommend PGR with great confidence for all your gearbox repairs and needs.

Amanda Costello Avatar Amanda Costello

PGR rebuilt a falk reducer for me and i am very much satisfied, they were quick and upfront about everything and kept me updated on the status of the gearbox almost everyday. I highly recommend them and i will definitely use them again in the future!

thomas lewis Avatar thomas lewis



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Gearbox Repair - Complete Rebuilds
Gearbox Repair - Complete Rebuilds

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